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3/28 Jay Wrap Up:

Leslie’s Rule vs. dA fUZZ: dA fUZZ star Steve Filmer dazzled fellow teammate, Donner, and opponents in last night’s match with an unrelenting serve and overhand smash. Donning a Viking ball cap Steve credited his ever increasing abilities to work ethic and drive toward meeting his goal of becoming the first man in Colorado to play paddle every day of Winter in the 05’-06’ season. Leslie's Rule continues to struggle but are a favorite for comeback team of the season and should be a force come playoff time.


Daddy’s Girls vs. Monkey Fist: Monkey Fist had a run for their money last night against the Daddy’s Girl powerhouse duo. Creath and Wallace were able to clobber several returns and force moments of Weinert Wiggout. However, the combination of Andy W.’s continuous power serve and Schwartz’ rock-steady reliability proved to be too much for the veteran Creath and his protégé, Pete W. Next week’s battle of the big dogs is sure to be a nail biter when Monkey Fist meets dA fUZZ…


3/30 Jay Wrap Up

J.V. held on for a tie breaker in its first match against Buffalo Wang, only to lose it in the Thursday night match up. Late in the first match J.V. Team Captain, Jim Carlson, suffered a whack to his paddle-hand from stand-in teammate Jay Leslie, which, provided a sudden downturn in play and an eventual disappointing 6-1 loss in the 2nd set. Tyler Platte’s relentless net pounding combined with Matt Shapiro’s new paddle and subsequent mystifying serve were enough to send the J.V. team packing for the peewee league. Jim Carlson is on the injured reserve list due to a hairline fracture in his piggy wiggy, however, the doctors remain optimistic about his recovery and he should be back on the court, albeit in hockey gloves, in a week to take on Leslie’s Rule.


4/6 Jay Wrap Up

Monkey Fist vs. dA fUZZ goes three hard fought sets but MF comes out on top and grabs the top spot.

Daddy’s Girls beat the Buffalo Wang 7-5, 6-4.

J.V. will take on Leslie’s Rule in the battle for last place next week…


4/19 Jay Wrap Up

Monkey Fist bitch-slapped their way to victory against win-less J.V. last night to seal their undefeated season. The perfect record, and the intimidation factor it brings, will make MF the team to beat in the final four-round of the tournament next week.

Although Buffalo Wang weren’t handling their balls as well as they typically do their performance was enough to take Leslie’s Rule 2-1. The Leslie bros won their first set of the season against the Wang and momentum was enough to carry them to victory in the double-header vs. J.V., winning the We-Don’t-Suck-The-Most title. The obvious truth was realized last night that if Leslie’s Rule or J.V. can complete matches with decent service they can be competitive…The battle for the 2nd seed and an automatic trip to the final four is up next…


4/20 Donner update

dA fUZZ vs Daddy's Girls...It was a close battle between dA fUZZ and the DG's - First set daddies got off to a strong start with their persisent net play and high serve percentages. Most points were quite short lived with dA fUZZ making a lot of unforced errors - not to mention the Filmer serve was finding the net more than usual... a nice pummeling leaving dA fUZZ in the dust at 6-2!! Second set dA fUZZ came back with a purpose stunning the Grils with consistency in the serving department - donner was getting his wins from his serve - and the filmer power was awakening. A new lob and volley strategy seemed to have the girls whimpering on their heels - Turning the tables - dA fUZZ wins second set 6-1. Third and final "rubber set" was more of a straight forward battle - dA fUZZ was up 4-1 with the filmer serve now back to its impossible status - but the dad's were not kaput yet - long ass rallies and crazy winners had by both sides saw the score get to 5-4 in games advantage fUZZ - the last game won it with dAfUZZ victorious after many more good rallies - but in the end it was the skyward lob returns that flustered the Daddy's Girls into submission - final set 6-4 dA fUZZ - making dA fUZZ alone in second place with a first round bye going into the tourney - however we are likely to face the Daddy's Girls in our next match: the semifinals!!


4/26 Creath wrap up

DG whipped up JV in fine form last night.  Winning the first round of the playoffs 6-1, 6-2 behind consistent serves and knife-like precision forehand bombs.  Carlson woosed out for "work" so Casey was left with a sub, albeit a quality player in Andrew Leigh.  Their lack of prior play time may have been a major reason for the drubbing.  Next up a rematch with the Da FUZZ.  BTW Fuzz we have been taking lobs all week so bring it.

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